YUKO lubricants are sent to Antarctica by the icebreaker "Noosphere"

As part of the signed memorandum of cooperation between JV Yukoil LLC and the State Institution of the National Scientific Center, Yukoil company supplied lubricants for the research vessel "Noosphere".

The JV YUKOIL team wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2022 and Merry Christmas!

We wish you good health, kindness, peace and harmony, bright and happy events, positive emotions and respect from relatives, friends and colleagues.

The company «Yukoil» confirmed the quality of its products according to the requirements of high branch standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API)

The company received the official license from the American Petroleum Institute (API) for new product YUKO Mega Synt 5W-30.  Also, the company renewed the license for the most popular engine oils for commercial vehicles - Yuko Mega Diesel 15W-40Yuko Mega HD 10W-40 and Yuko Mega HD 15W-40.

New YUKO! Welcome.

We update the entire YUKO product line, changing the approach to the range, design, packaging materials. From now on, the YUKO lubricants will have a new modern logo.

JV YUKOIL has developed an engine oil specifically for racing cars

Viewer's eyes, car race is a spectacular event. He enjoys watching high-speed races, passionates about the skill of the pilots and sees off spectacular sports cars. However, the viewer doesn't see how painstaking the preparation for this event is. The team of JV YUKOIL technical oils plant carried out a large-scale work to assess the load on the engine of a sports car and develop a product that would provide high efficiency in competition conditions. The result is impressive - the world sees a special domestic-made racing motor oil under the YUKO brand. Now professional racers can use a quality Ukrainian product.