YUKO trademark

logo_2[1].png YUKO trademark appeared as a result of rebranding, conducted by JV Yukoil in 2012 because it started to actively enter foreign markets.

The decision to rebrand is part of the company's development strategy, aimed at building a unique and independent international brand.

YUKO trademark comprises modern automotive and industrial oils, lubricants, cooling and lubricating fluids, forming fluids, service products that comply with international quality standards. They are produced at the most modern plant in the Eastern Europe, located in the South-East of Ukraine. YUKO Lubricants are exported to more than 80 countries around the world and received excellent recommendations in foreign markets.

Range of consumers of YUKO oils and lubricants covers most industries, including mining, metallurgical, machine-building, agricultural, chemical, transportation and others. YUKO lubricants are available for ordinary buyers in national and regional retail chains, car repair shops, fuel stations, car markets, and online stores. Sales departments of the company are trying to ensure that YUKO lubricants are available for each potential customer anywhere in the world.

The slogan of the YUKO brand is "Lubricating Europe", which means lubricating the European machinery.