Yukoil industrial oil production plant was built in Zaporizhzhya with German partnership in the South-East of Ukraine in 2002.

Design of the plant takes into account strict environmental safety requirements for such facilities in the European Union. Currently it is one of the most modern production plants in the industry, located in Eastern Europe. Production buildings of the plant, equipped with the modern equipment, occupiesmore than 10,000 sq.m. Technological cycle of production is automated as much as possible, ensuring output of products of consistently high quality, compliant with European standards.

The range of commercially available lubricants under YUKO trademark includes more than 250 types of oils, lubricants, cooling and lubricating fluids and other technical and service fluids. Volume of manufactured products is so large, that if YUKO oils would be used only in Ukraine, they would be enough for each second Ukrainian car.

In addition to producing commercial oils and lubricants, Yukoil industrial oil production plant offers almost unlimited possibilities for the production of exclusive lubricants with the specified properties. Specialists of the plant have extensive experience in designing and producing individual lubricants, ensuring customers the shortest deadlines of completing orders.

Having one of the most advanced research laboratories in Ukraine, certified by the State Standard, the Technical Control Department performs daily in-depth analysis of incoming raw material, as well as oils and lubricants at all stages of production. Environmental safety for us is one of the priority areas of investment. Investment into modern cleaning and filtering technologies is an example of fighting for the safety and purity of the environment for many companies.

Due to the complex of nature protection technologies and measures, implemented in the production cycle, adjacent forest nursery and fruit farms can develop without interference from the factory.

The company has implemented and runs a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.