For tender customers

Over the years of working with large companies from different sectors of the economy, we obtained extensive experience of participation in more than 10,000 tenders of various scales and, more than anyone else, understand the delicacy of working with such orders.

We understand the needs of our customers and are always ready to provide them with professional technical support, ensuring the feasibility of commercial offers and timeliness of fulfilmentour commitments.

In order to participate in tenders for import substitution in large enterprises, our research department has developed and implemented in the production more than 50 unique products, most of which had not been manufactured in Ukraine before.

Following the strategy of development of big business, we plan to continue development of products aimed at substitution of imported analogues for enterprises of mining, metallurgical, machine-building, agriculture, chemical, food, transportation and other industries.

Having one of the most advanced research laboratoriesin Ukraine, accredited by the State Standard, the Technical Control Department performs daily in-depth analysis of incoming raw material, as well as oils and lubricants at all stages of production.

At the request of customers, we provide additional quality control for compliance with European standards, attracting to this task SGS independent audit company, which is a world leader in this sector.

The company has implemented and certified ISO 9001 quality management system.

JV Yukoil is the only manufacturer of lubricants in Ukraine, which has a valid license of API (American Petroleum Institute).

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