For trading companies

We are open to new partners and consider proposals for sales of YUKO lubricants by:

  • Regional distribution companies;
  • Large and small wholesale trading companies;
  • National and local trade networks;
  • Network and individual fuel stations and car service stations;
  • Retail enterprises

We expect trading partners to comply with the standards of representation and merchandising, and we expect professional knowledge about lubricants of personnel that contact end users. Complying with our requirements and recommendations, many companies develop their business with minimal risks, achieving considerable success.

The following are our key criteria in selection of trading partners:

  • Desire of the company to promote the Ukrainian products of European quality;
  • Good reputation of the company in the region;
  • Involvement of the owner in the business;
  • Balanced product portfolio;
  • Availability of resources to maintain and expand the business;
  • Have an established sales systems (command, warehouse, logistics);
  • Availability of personnel on staff with technical knowledge of lubricants;
  • Ability to use and transmit to their partners technologies and sales methods we offer;
  • Willingness to develop strategies to achieve planned results and follow them.

We offer best products, conditions of work service in the market to our partners.

Warehouses of the company always maintain an optimal product stock, which in most cases can satisfy even the undulating demand.

Production time, including most custom orders, usually not exceeds 3 working days.

Established relationships with leading transportation companies could ensure deliveringthe ordered products to any place in Ukraine and the world in the shortest possible time.

We provide technical and promotional support of our partners' business, offering participation in regular marketing programs and activities.

After starting cooperation with YUKO, each of our partner receives a personal manager, whose duties, among other things, include making communication of the partner and the company as simple and effective as possible.

By filling out the form, you will make the first step to a successful cooperation with YUKO.


Application for cooperation