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YUKO comprises modern automotive and industrial oils, lubricants, cooling and lubricating fluids, forming fluids, service products that comply with international quality standards. They have permits of automobile manufactures and are exported to more than 70+ countries of the CIS, USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Industrial oil production plant of JV Yukoil, which produces YUKO lubricants, is one of the most modern blending enterprises in Eastern Europe. Design of the plant takes into account strict environmental safety requirements for such facilities in the European Union. You can be sure of high quality, reliability and professionalism of YUKO motor oil.


European production

Yuko oils and lubricants are produced in Zaporozhye, by one of the most modern plants, producing lubricants in Eastern Europe. It was built in 2002 by JV «Yukoil» with the participation of foreign partners.

Bureau Veritas
ISO 9001