text SYNTHETIC 5W-30

Synthetic High-Tech motor oil.

Enabled packing
Canister 1L Canister 1L   
Canister 4L Canister 4L   
Canister 5L Canister 5L   
Tin bucket 20L Tin bucket 20L   
Barrel 200L Barrel 200L   
In bulk In bulk   

Intended for modern gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and vans from Japan and US carmakers.

Produced of high-quality synthetic base oils with additives, providing high performance of engine within a wide temperature range and extending its service life.

Provides improved safety as compared to mineral and semi-synthetic oils.

Special low-ash formula. Has an extended drain interval. Compatible with injector and multivalve engines, including turbocharged ones, with intercooler and catalyst.

  • Provides a reliable engine protection under various conditions incl. extreme operating mode;
  • Optimum for the use both in urban cycle and cross-country conditions;
  • Due to its fluidity reduces fuel consumption;
  • Significantly extends engine service life due to multipurpose additives package, with excellent low temperature, antifriction, anticorrosion, detergent and antioxidant properties;
  • Maintains effectiveness for maximum long period, which allows to extend significantly oil drain intervals;
  • Due to superior viscosity/temperature properties, provides safe engine start at low temperatures in winter, including the regions with harsh weather conditions in winter;
  • Conforms to modern requirements of world leaders in equipment manufacture concerning oil consumption, volatility, energy saving.

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