New Redus Molybdenum

Special gear grease

Enabled packing
Tube 100g Tube 100g   

Antiwear, moisture proof grease with molybdenum disulfide (MoS₂) for garden equipment gearboxes lubrication: lawn mowers, bush cutters, trimers, electric shears, garden vacuum cleaners and air blowers, driving parts of cultivators, snow removal machines and other equipment working in vibration, extreme-high and shock loads conditions. It is also used to lubricate moving parts of reduction units, cross pieces, cardan joints of  power tools. Developed specially for high-speed engineering knots, it provides ideal lubrication and protection against overheating.

Produced on the basis of lithium hydroxystearate, reinforced with an anti-seize, antioxidant and antifriction additive.

Each tube is equipped with a removable nose-applicator for convenient apply.

  • High anti-wear and extreme pressure characteristics;
  • Excellent for high-speed equipment nodes;
  • Mechanical and antioxidant stability;
  • Low evaporation and good water resistance;
  • Reliable lubrication and protection against overheating;
  • Wide temperature range of application.

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